Useful helpers

Useful helpers with a big impact - additional units for the bathroom

Storing, sorting and arranging: additional units for the bathroom make life that little bit easier. Gone are the days when a washroom was used for a single purpose. Variable solutions give the bathroom atmosphere on the one hand and provide innovative assistance on the other. Bathroom furniture manufacturer Pelipal offers, for example, a multitude of models that imbue a peaceful little bathroom with its own personality.

A tidy house, a tidy mind

Everybody knows that a mountain of towels or scrunched up laundry disturbs the harmony of a room. Something to maintain order and tidiness is definitely called for. A tall laundry cabinet with a useful full pullout and laundry bag can be of great assistance. Unwanted laundry items can disappear behind the door in the blink of an eye. A high board with a laundry flap offers a stylish alternative: ‘flap open, laundry in, flap closed’. Order is restored to the bathroom.

Storage space wonder for sundries

It’s not just laundry that needs to be stowed in a bathroom - other bathroom utensils such as toilet paper and hairdryers need their own space too. A 2-in-1 seat chest can be your saving grace, which simultaneously offers a comfortable place to sit and plenty of storage space. And where should all the cleaning agents, refills and spares live? Wall units are ideally suited to this purpose, as they present ample space inside and are easy to access. Open shelves offer space to store all sorts of small accessories. By playing with colour and materials, these furnishings are real eye-catchers in the bathroom and prove that this room is for more than just washing.

Impressive versatility

Pieces of furniture can also become quick-change artists. Room dividers are the case in point, as they separate the bathroom into different areas. This allows open shelves to be accessed from both sides separately. Hand towels or everyday grooming products, for example, are ideal for storing in these spaces. This furnishing is given further versatility thanks to an integrated mirror.

The particularly useful characteristic of additional units is their versatility - they can be supplemented as desired and result in a highly personalised look as they allow any size of bathroom to be utilised to its full potential. In especially large bathrooms, a dressing table with a seating bench is a true highlight that makes your daily styling routines a great deal easier and provides ample space for all of your utensils.