How long is the delivery time?

The average delivery time for trade is generally between 4 and 5 weeks (not including company holidays). Once internal processing time is taken into account, you can usually assume it will take 5-6 weeks. However, this is not a binding commitment. For more specific information, please contact a Pelipal business partner directly.

I need some RAL colour details for my design!

Our colours are not based on RAL colour tones! We are happy to provide you with our own samples in order to facilitate a colour comparison. Please request them from our specialist dealer or fill out a Contact formand send it to us.

Where can I find samples for my plans?

Our specialist retailer has numerous samples at its disposal and should therefore be your first port of call. However, we are also happy to send you the desired sample directly as well. Please fill out a Contact form with your full address, the collection and your desired décor. The rest of your order will be handled by our authorised specialist retailer.

I wish to make a complaint! Who should I address this to?

If you are worried about a flaw of your product, please contact the specialist dealer from whom you bought the product originally. Your specialist dealer is your contact and will gladly deal with all your questions or complaints. Our specialist retailers are trained and have full authority. For logistical reasons, Pelipal cannot handle complaints directly.

Where can I order Pelipal replacement parts?

Pelipal replacement parts can only be ordered from the designated specialist dealer. It is generally best to contact the retailer from whom you bought the product in the first place. Acquiring the parts directly from Pelipal is therefore not possible.

Is it possible to make direct purchases?

Pelipal relies on strong partnerships withspecialist dealers. Our contract retail partners receive continuous training. Let one of our dealers advise you comprehensively and all your questions will be answered in a personal talk.
This does however mean that a direct sale via Pelipal is not possible.